It is high time you take control of your life and deal with it in a mature and responsible way. The things that we often overlook can have an impact on our life in the worse way possible.

That is why I am going to ask some time from you. Stop doing whatever it is that you are doing and read this through.

Trust me, by the end you will have a different outlook towards life and you will definitely want to let go some of the bad habits you have been doing for so long.

Are you ready for some changes? I hear yes (yes, I heard it).

1. Don’t pick your nose.

Not only does it look disgusting, but it is also completely disgusting. The second you put your unclean, germ covered finger inside your nose all the problem starts.

Your hand comes in contact with a lot of objects and picking your nose with the same finger opens your body to diseases and infections. Do you want that? No, you don’t.

Stop doing it at once. If you need to clean your nose, find a bathroom and blow your nose. Wash your hands with soap once you are done and leave.

The same rule applies for food stuck in your teeth. Never, ever put your finger in your mouth to bring out that food lodged between your teeth.

2. Still Smoking? Stop it.

Ugh. You are, aren’t you? When will you stop? Aren’t those advertisements, health campaigns or simply the knowledge that they can cause you a horrible and painful death good enough? It is time you put out that cigarette and kick out this habit from your life. It is really high time.

Trust me when you smoke in your bathroom or hide in your car and bump your last cigarette you are only cheating yourself.

The theory that often smokers have about how we all are gonna die is nothing but laughable.

Yes, you are going to eventually die but do you want to suffer as you continue to live the rest of your life? No, you really don’t. Life is beautiful, and it is time you enjoy it.

3. Stop Over-eating.

That void you feel in your life can never be filled with food. I used to be that person. Stuffing my mouth with food (anything and everything) every time I felt something started to seem normal to me. But, it really isn’t.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, curious, happy, depressed or anything at all it is you who has to deal with it.

Food will not help because you are really not hungry. When you finish a large pizza with extra cheese your void will continue to stay in your life.

Stress and every other emotion is a part of life, you can’t always run away from it. Find ways to deal with it naturally.

4. Go to sleep carefree.

I place great emphasis on the power of a goodnight’s sleep. No matter how interesting the new series that you have just started watching is or how badly you want to party.

Make sure you don’t do anything at all to sabotage your sleep.

You need a good six hours of sleep every single day. Keep every thought, worry or feeling far, far away. Turn off your phone, laptop, tablet or anything that connects you to the virtual world.

Remember whatever that is going on in the world right now can wait till you wake up. So, go to bed and sleep like a carefree baby.

5. Stop being lazy.

There is nothing like being on your couch, with a bowl of chips and your favorite show on the LED screen. But, what about your health? Don’t you care about it? It is time you leave your couch behind and get your heart rate elevated with some form of physical activity.

A minimum of one hour every day should be assigned to workouts. If you don’t find the time to hit the gym, then do it at your home.

Go for walks, running, cycling, swimming or anything at all. This will keep your mind and body both happy as well as fit. Stop being lazy and start doing what is needed.

6. Stop Spending too much money.

Being a shopaholic isn’t really something you should be proud of. When you have a lot of worries and all of them are related to money and overspending it is a hint that you have to take.

When you constantly buy stuff, you don’t need or already have the pressure continues to increase.

Remember you have a fixed source of income. Binge shopping is going to take a toll on your health. Keep a fixed sum of money aside for shopping every month. Make a list of things you need to buy and what all can wait.

If you spend the money assigned for shopping, then you don’t get to touch the money you have kept aside for the rest of the month. Follow this and you will see a change.

7. Don’t bite your nails.

Stop that habit right away. Yes, it is gross and unhealthy. I get it you are stressed out but biting your nails won’t help. Do you know the kind of problems you have to face if you bite your nails? Severe dental problems arise due to this bad habit.

Not to forget the stomach ache you will have. Nails accumulate a lot of dirt and germs. When you bite your nails, you swallow everything inside.

Plus, do you really want nails that look ugly all the time? If you are aware what makes you bite your nails, then try to control that situation.

8. Stop Excessive consumption of alcohol.

You know it is wrong. Then, how come you are still doing it? No matter how rarely you have the urge to drink like there is no tomorrow it won’t help your health.

The problems it can cause will not only last the next day but for a lifetime. It is high time you stop consuming too much alcohol.

9. Stop complaining.

No, it isn’t the right thing to do. Complaining about every single thing doesn’t fix anything at all. When you do this you only make your and everyone around you uncomfortable.

Your brain picks on patterns. When you complain about everything your brain picks on that. So, try to think about the good in every situation. You will see the way your life, mood and attitude changes.

10. Have your breakfast.

Do I sound like your mum? I don’t care. Have your breakfast. No matter how late you are running for office, it is time you sit back and have your breakfast every single day.

When you don’t have your breakfast, your metabolism drops and you fail to get the nutrition your body deserves to go through the day.


Sit back and think about all that I spoke about. Is it too hard to follow? Doesn’t it sound like something you can do? Then, what is it that is holding you back?

Get going and start living your life in a way that is healthy, happy and fulfilling. Are you ready for the change? Good luck!

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