Relationships don’t last on true love alone. It can’t ever work that way and it won’t as well. You need something more to make a relationship perfect or successful. Something that is deeper than love, attraction and intimacy.

We will talk about a few things to do that is really important for both the people in a relationship to maintain.

1. Your happiness depends on your actions.

You are in a relationship with another human. He or she isn’t a wish granting genie. They are not responsible for the source of your success, or happiness.

Your partner can only be a part of the whole procedure. Your expectation that your partner will be the reason behind every happiness in your life is really wrong.

Healthy and happy relationship last because it lacks such unrealistic expectations. Partners are there to help one another out, to be each other’s support and they understand their happiness or success entirely depends on themselves.

2. Accept who they are.

No one person is similar to the other person. Same happens in a relationship. If you are in a relationship it means you both have your own characteristics, qualities, habits and of course level of endurance. Try to accept them for who they are rather than trying to find ways to change them.

You have to love them for their flaws, behavior, and other things that you might not really like. It should be possible for you to accept them with their quirks. But, if something continues to bother you about their nature or behavior speak up.

Be calm and patient with your approach. Tell them why it bothers you. And, if they are willing to change that particular habit or behavior then help them with it.

3. Show how much you love them.

Of course, your gesture speaks volumes about how you feel but it is not enough sometimes. You have to speak your mind. Everyone loves to hear they are being loved especially by the one who means the world to them.

It isn’t that hard to spare a few moments from your busy life and tell your partner how much you actually love them. It can be through a message or via words. Anything will do.

Don’t be that couple who take each other for granted and never expresses their love for one another.

4. Be Honest and transparent.

If you want to know everything that is going on in your partner’s life, then you should understand that the same applies for you. Yes, you are bound to tell them all about your life and what is going on in it.

This helps your partner to feel at ease and safe. The need for consistency along with security is provided. How much time does it take to break someone’s trust? Only a few words can do the trick. Whatever it is be honest.

When you are being honest and transparent to your partner about everything going on in your life the chance of a conflict diminishes.

There is no wondering or guessing going on. It is you who should speak up rather than waiting for questions to shoot your way. This is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

5. Be comfortable and free.

There shouldn’t be any pushing one another for something to happen. Let it flow the way it should. Naturally without any kind of pressure. Remember it is the two of you that has to feel comfortable being in a relationship. Spend your time with the person you like because you want to.

There shouldn’t be any other reason behind it. You shouldn’t rush anything to happen and this is applicable for both of you.

This includes physical intimacy, declaring you are together, having a live-in relationship, getting married or having a child. It shouldn’t be one person who wants all these things both of you should be equally interested.

6. Communication is the key.

No relationship will ever last if there is no communication between the two partners present in the relationship.

To help your relationship thrive and grow you need to have communication this is going to help your relationship be stronger, better and healthier. You don’t like something that is going on in the relationship, talk about it. You want something, talk.

Basically, talk about each and everything that is going on in your life and mind. You will see it sorts out every problem and puts your aching soul at rest.

Your partner might not be able to provide you with the solution you need but they will surely be there to listen to all of it. And, this is going to help you better than anything else.

7. Trust your partner.

If there is no trust in the relationship you are in then basically there is nothing in it. Going around checking your partner’s phone for calls, emails, or anything else will not solve any problem. Show them you trust them. This will help you to build the trust you need in a relationship.

Allow your partner to go out with his or her friends or even alone. Don’t question everything your partner does. Just show some faith in them.

Your partner doesn’t need to do something to show you that they should be trusted.

8. Show respect and get respect.

It is simple, you have to show respect to get respect. Listen to what your partner has to say, really listen. Don’t just pop out understanding tones. It is better to listen to them and then say something if you have to about the kind of decision they have made or about what they like.

If you don’t agree with your partner, be gentle, be calm and be respectful. Don’t try to change your partner’s mind about something they have already decided.

You think they are making a wrong decision then be calm with your approach.

9. You have to share.

In order to get the kind of help you want you need to be open with your partner. To be at peace you will need to share your inner thoughts with them.

Don’t bottle up your feelings inside you. It is a bad thing to shut out your partner from what is going on in your mind.

10. The way you handle fights.

Fights are inevitable in a relationship. It is bound to happen. Does it mean you are going to part ways? No.

Learn from the mistakes you make in your relationship. This will help both of you grow. Share your thoughts, views, feelings and everything that is needed to make a relationship last.


If you desire to have love in your life, then you have to do something about it. Work on your relationship and you will see how both of you are leading a happy and satisfied life. Good luck.

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