10 Red Flags that shows you need to take better care of yourself

We all are running in a race and we all are running as fast as we can. In reality, we are pushing our each and every cell to chase after the dream. Sometimes to do this we work and work without giving ourselves enough time and space to cope with the heat.

Today, we tag you with 10 habits that clearly shows that you need to take care better care of yourself.

1. Lack of acceptance

Do you realize that we are our worst critics? Yes, we are.

From the morning we wake up to the time we go to bed we are relentlessly trying to ape someone. We push ourselves to fit into a mould that is simply not made for us. This hurts our self-esteem and ultimately leaves us drained, emotionally and spiritually.

The first step is to accept who you are, no questions asked and no conditions applied.

2. Lack of Compassion

When it comes to compassion for ourselves we can be the biggest misers on earth. Constant mental berating going on in our minds is something many would identify with. This is extremely harmful for self-confidence and affects every aspect of our lives.

The best way to deal with this is to be your own mother. Mothers point out our mistakes but in the same breath encourage and motivate us to deal with them in the right spirit. No one can ever be more compassionates than our moms and you should also follow that example.

3. Your Needs

We habitually ignore our basic needs and mask it under the cloak of self-discipline. It is essential to accept that our needs are a part of our personality and constant denial of the same hurts us worse than we can imagine.

The first step is to understand your basic emotional, spiritual, physical and mental needs and then work towards creating a better environment and space for them in our lives.

4. Your Thoughts matter

Your thoughts are what you are made up of. Follow the life of any successful person and the first thing they will tell you is how they learnt to manage their thoughts.

In a day our mind think thousands of thoughts and many of them are repetitive in nature. They are both positive and negative. These thoughts affects are mental wellbeing and the energy we attract in our lives.

We need to take a conscious step to ensure that we keep a tab on the thoughts, duplicating the positive ones and reducing the negative ones. One of the best ways to do this is meditation.

5. Your Beliefs

When we say belief we are not pinpointing at anything related to religion. We are talking about your personal belief. As humans, our beliefs are the foundation of our personality.

Sometimes we ignore or compromise on our beliefs in order to achieve a goal or chase a dream. This is a sure shot way to remain unhappy even if you achieve your goal. Listen to heart and if you truly believe in something, stand for it.

6. Your Intentions

Our intentions is what shapes our destiny. We get back what our heart intents.

Time and again we need to pause and check whether our intents are right and whether they are taking us in the right direction. We sometimes unknowingly create wrong intents that are harmful for our souls.

7. Your expectations

We are not asking you to keep a check on your expectations but we are just saying to keep reasonable expectations.

Our unrealistic expectations is a major cause of pain in our lives be it personal or relationships. The best way to deal with this is to be flexible with your goals and always keep space for benefit of doubt.

8. Be kind

Be kind not only to others but to yourself too. If you take a third person perspective you will realize that when it comes to themselves, people are very harsh.

It is essential for you to learn to be kind to yourself. Love yourself and just stop that constant self-criticizing. You are doing the best you can in the current circumstances.

9. Letting go of desires

When life gets tough we sometimes let go of our desires and dreams. This is a wrong approach as the first message that sends to your heart is that you have given up.

Sit back and tell your heart that you are taking a pause in the run for the dream and will pick up from where you left.

10. Lack of self-awareness

Lack of self-awareness is the worst punishment you can force on yourselves.

Being aware of your feelings and thoughts and understanding their strength is essential for our success and overall holistic growth.

Taking care of ourselves is a responsibility that we are not aware of. Think and inculcate a life style in which your needs, desires, expectations and emotions are taken care of.

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