Before Dozing Off, Happy Couples Do These Good Things!

They say, ‘Putting the needs of another before your own’ is when you’re really in love. I agree, and apart from love, trust and loyalty, the secret to a blissful relationship is undoubtedly effective communication.

As Carroll Bryant rightly quoted ‘Love is a two-way street constantly under construction’, I believe, you must constantly put in your 100% and invest your time and energy with all your heart to truly make your relationship work.

I must tell you that not every person in a relationship is happy. While a few couples are fighting regularly, and some are in toxic relationships, there are also partners who are extremely happy when in a relationship!

No, I do not really encourage Public Display of Affection (Yes, PDA); but there are some cute and good things that I noticed some couples do especially before going to bed. Maybe those bedroom secrets are their reasons for a smooth and long-lasting relationship.

Let me tell you about a few of the numerous things that I like about couples doing before they sleep at night. Read on:

1. Have conversations that seem to last forever:

Like I said before, the secret to a healthy relationship is effective communication that involves both listening and talking. Sharing your thoughts, opinions, views, and every other feeling with your partner is crucial.

Happy couples have heart-to-heart conversations before they finally kiss each other goodnight. They never go to bed angry but talk about their problems and sort them out before the day ends.

Your partner should be your best friend, and they have every right to know about you in detail, and the best part is, they won’t even judge you!

2. Say no to the phone:

Ah, I can already hear you shout “NOOO”, but yes, dear friends, this is somehow the most important factor contributing to a happy relationship (especially considering the times now!).

Before going to sleep, happy couples lock away their phones in a place that would be out of reach for both partners.

Alternatively, they switch their mobiles to the silent mode to avoid any sort of external disturbances (or to stay away from social media for at least the night!) when they’re with each other.

3. Don’t bring work concerns at home:

While discussing about tensions at the office with your loved one is healthy, repeatedly talking about work-related problems, financial troubles and the like, are in no way good for any relationship.

Long-lasting couples leave the baggage related to their work at their office’s doorsteps and go home as if it’s a place where nothing concerning work exists. Let going back home to your partner be the happiest thing-to-do in your everyday checklist!

4. Go for a walk together:

While evening strolls at the park, or footpath, or anywhere else on the Earth is very good for your health, happy couples use this as a dual advantage.

Not only do both partners stay fit by walking, and help their minds let go of all their work-related woes, but they get to spend quality time with each other as well.

5. Treat each other with their favorite things:

Some couples go out on regular movie and dinner dates, and that in a way is their little secret for a successful relationship.

It is very important to express your love to your partner, and often, treating them with their favorite things (example, ice-cream) can help you win over him/her every single time. Remember this is not a one-sided affair; both partners should be equally involved in this process!

6. High on physical intimacy:

Let us just admit it that sex is more of a human need, and there should be no taboo surrounding it when it comes to a relationship also.

Most people believe that couples who have sex regularly/more often before going off to bed, are happier than the ones who go without any kind of physical intimacy for more than 2-3 weeks at a stretch (unless of course there are certain medical issues or other emergencies).

Happy couples are also very creative on the bed (winks!).

7. Make TV-watching a thing:

While they may not have common interests when it comes to the TV channels, happy couples know how to balance it out, and make TV-watching a way to spend quality time with each other. It is a great way to cuddle and snuggle too, you know!

8. Say it:

Expressing oneself is very important when it comes to a relationship. We often tend to leave it to our partners to understand what we meant, but there are chances that they would not reciprocate our feelings.

Therefore, it is important to express yourself. Happy couples don’t forget to tell each other the simplest and deepest line ‘I love you‘ repeatedly. That one line can work wonders you know?

9. Keep bedrooms separate for kids/pets:

No, I don’t mean you should be a selfish monster and make your kids sleep alone when they are small or scared, but your bedroom should only be shared with your partner when your kid starts growing up a li’l.

To boost physical and emotional intimacy, it is important you sleep with your spouse without your kids or pets for that matter. Happy couples maintain their privacy!


These are a few of the healthy habits that happy couples indulge in before they finally call it a day off (Read: sleep off). Without any doubt, I can guarantee that these small li’l things can work magic in your love life.

If you feel these are missing from your relationship, discuss them with your partner and start infusing them in your everyday life from NOW! Who doesn’t want to be happy in a relationship?

A relation is supposed to make you feel blessed and wanted, remember? Follow these tips and feel the change in your love life first-hand! Don’t be afraid to fall in love anymore. It’s beautiful, I tell you. Good day.

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