It’s very common to fight or have an argument when having a relationship.

Actually, it’s the normal thing since is impossible to agree with someone all the time especially when you start living together and sharing more time or, on the other side, when you have to take life’s responsibilities and time is not so available.

Nevertheless, the really important issue about arguments is letting them behind so,

here are some tips for you to help you go through and end up an argument with your loving partner.

1. Let the small things go

We need to remember that there’s a moment when we need to choose between being right and having peace.

Sometimes, things are simply too small to be fighting all over them and even though we want so much to hear the other one say we’re right, it’s best to work along and give up sometimes instead of competing.

2. Accept their point of view

Opinions and emotional responses often come from personal experiences and worldview.

So, some arguments are never going to stop because each one has a very valid point according to your individual perspectives. Accept that sometimes you just won’t agree because of the different life experiences you’ve both been through.

3. Patience

Tolerating each other is a essential factor of any relationship. If you don’t learn to be patience and forgiving with each other, you’ll soon end up having arguments about almost everything.

This can be so toxic that you’ll start fighting about things like “how hard you breathe” or “how you fold the blankets”. So, breathe deeply and let them be.

4. Soften your expectations

It doesn’t mean you stop respecting yourself and you accept a mistreating. But remember that we are all human and other may have different expectations. Just talk to each other and find the balance between both hopes.

5. Atmosphere of harmony

Arguing is unpleasant for both you and your partner so, practice different ways to let them know the things you dislike or to claim about bad behaviors instead of always arguing.

Remember a couple is about harmony, peace and supporting each other.

6. Focus on the present behavior

A very common mistake within couple’s arguments is that we attack the other one’s personality instead of pointing the behavior that they are actually committing at that moment and that is hurting you.

7. Hear what they say instead of assuming

Though you probably know them very well and have a lot of time together and you already know their tones and gestures, you are very vulnerable to miss perceive their actions.

This is because when we are in love we tend to be more sensitive. So, hear what they have to say and clarify the situation before acting according to your perception.

8. Avoid competing

This is the simplest one: remember arguments are about solving a problem, not winning a fight.

Find the middle point between both perspectives, and again, don’t get stuck on little things.

9. Accept the answer you’re given

Our partner’s truth is our partner’s truth even though it isn’t the one we want to hear.

That’s the only way you’ll get through emotions and actually understand the other one’s intentions.

10. Let it go!

If you let the argument end, then sustain it.

You can take all the talking and time you want to solve the problem but once you determine it is solved, don’t keep bringing it back every now and then; this will only let your partner know that you simply won’t get through things even when you say you’d do and won’t trust you to solve problems.

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