It seems like courtesy and politeness are long gone. It feels so.

In a period, when one night stand and instant pleasure are running the show, finding an insecure bastard is something that happens more than we get to know about.

But no need to feel worried or sorry, because gentlemen still DO exist. You need to be patient to come across some.

To wipe out the bad guys from around you, make sure the right guy doesn’t do the following 15 things.

1. A gentleman will never use the word “Female” to portray a Woman.

It is for sure that the approach and treatment of a man towards a woman have great impact on her ability of enjoying with him.

For more, our society has also feels the use of the word “Female” refers to animals only. So it is better to stop referring a woman as female.

It sounds like your superior to them which is not the proper way to treat a woman.

2. He will never send dirty texts to a woman at the middle of the night.

A gentleman will never ever send booty call texts to a woman, not at least at night time to hook up with her.

Many girls will find these dirty texts very funny and sexy. But a real woman who’s worth the attention of a man never really requires such cheap attention in her life. That’s the difference between a girl and a real woman.

3. No gentleman will ever do any weird hairstyle like shaving off his head only leaving a strip of hair in the middle.

Doing such hairstyles prove how unprofessional and unrealistic the guy is. No man will ever follow such weird hairstyle of Nick Carter from Backstreet boys.

A man with such hairstyle can never be taken seriously in the professional world.

4. Never sends pictures of private parts.

It is a serious offence. Sending dirty pictures to a woman is a moral offence. Gentlemen never do that.

Now if you need a very good reason to not send your dick pictures to the one you like then “it is considered as a criminal and sexual offence”.

You can end up in serious trouble by sending photos about what’s in your pant to someone who’s not interested to see it.

5. A gentleman never uses foul words about his ex.

A man in today’s world knows kissing and telling it to others is not funny.

It’s better to hold your tongue about the dirty details about your ex after a bad break up. It may save her social life initially. But in long run you will be a better person.

People love the dirty gossip but you must know that it doesn’t do well to anybody.

6. Better food choice is a good sign.

A gentle and modern man is never an animal or gets screwed about food. He will never try to take over the chef’s kitchen and try to teach him how to cook his meal.

For example never order a steak well done. It will simply ruin your meal.

7. A gentleman never makes fun of a girl on the choice of her drink.

There are girls unlike many others, who like to enjoy soft drinks on a Friday night party. It’s not like others do care a lot about it.

Don’t comment on her choice and make her feel inferior for not taking any hard drink. Buying her a drink is always a better choice of treating her than prank her for her choice.

8. A gentleman never complains about spending his day with his woman.

Man never really enjoys shopping like a woman. It is also true that unlike earlier time, woman now appreciates the interest of their partners in their shopping.

So if you really love your woman, take her out for shopping once in a while and you will score high points in a lovely relationship.

9. Not knowing about household chores is not really funny.

It’s not really funny that you leave another person to clean off after you. It modern world it’s considered bad manner and very rude. Doing household chores is also a part of being in a relation.

So if she cooks, you do the dishes. If you cook, then do the dishes anyway. Do the works in your house with her. She will appreciate your efforts.

10. Wear cut-off shorts.

I don’t think guys need any explanation about this. So I’m just leaving it off.

11. Never make fun of girls about their cloths.

Girls are always very conscious about what they wear. Especially, when it is a way to impress someone on a date, they like to look good.

Even in a casual outing with friends, girls like to look good. So it is rude to point out the flaws in their dresses and looks. It’s not really cool and funny.

12. Gentleman never leaves their dishes on the table for someone else for clean up.

It’s very important that you know how to help up in households. You must learn to pick up your dish and left over from the table. Try to take out garbage more than often and help in other works to show your partner that you care about her.

13. Never bring up on her make-up routine.

Often girls do take more time to do the makeup. While she’s busy with that, try to help yourself out with other things. But never ever point out or bring up about the long time she takes to do that.

14. Never bring up the people you know.

It’s not cool to boast about people you know. Nobody likes this behavior, especially when none is bragging about knowing you.

Stay cool and behave gently, you will have better impact on others.

15. Never use your professional identity and business cards to connect with potential dates.

It’s a sign of a true gentleman when he keeps his business and pleasure separate from each other.

If you meet a new woman in your life, it’s better not to try to impress her with your business card. On the contrary use a napkin to give her your contact number.

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