When we were kids everything was seemed so simple and we were so happy!

Even small things in those days made us happy and we actually found happiness in everything.

Then what is it that has changed as we have grown? Our surrounding or we ourselves?

The thing is as we have grown we have gained experience, we have understood we are part of this society and try to do things that will be acceptable in this society.

And in all this we forget who we are and what do we want!

All this and our struggle to get what we want snatched away our happiness from us.

So, here are 15 such things that should be stopped by us in order to be happy again.

1. Ignoring your own needs

Most of the time you try to ignore your own need so that you can please others. Believe me that is mission impossible. It’s simply not possible to satisfy everybody and in all these you are forgetting what makes you happy!

So, stop bothering about how to make others happy, work out on how you can make yourself happier. When you are happy yourself you will find that it is easy to make other happy fast.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Check out your palm, even two fingers are not same then how can you expect to be like other person? While you are constantly comparing yourself with other person you are making your life miserable.

Be happy that you are unique. Do not compare yourself with others you find in social media, those are moments not their lives. Be happy with what you have.

3. Resisting your fear

Why are you fearful? There are many things that makes you afraid, but can’t you see that others are doing it? If they can do it then why not you. Stop resisting because of fear.

Go ahead and try out. Do not close your eyes to any situation thinking that it’s not there. Rather open your eyes and face it, you can win over your fear and that happiness is simple unexplainable.

4. Do not feel bad for making any mistake

Everybody makes mistakes and you can learn from them, why blame yourself? You will make mistake when you try and if you do not try there will be no personal growth.

Actually, mistakes teaches us a lot of things in life and makes us a better person. So, do not blame yourself for it rather learn a lesson from it.

5. Do not let other’s control your happiness

It’s you who knows you better and thinks the best for you. Never ever think can other can bring happiness for you. Yes, they may be the agent for happiness, but it’s you who will get it.

Happiness is inside you not outside. So, feel it, try to get it and you will find you are happy. You must make your own decisions not others.

6. All aspects of life cannot be controlled

And never try that too! The beauty of life is that it is unpredictable. Can you take control of weather? You cannot as it is in hands of nature. The same is with your life too. Accept it the way it comes your way.

Stressing on things that cannot be changed with increased tension and reduce happiness. So, why should you do that? When unpredicted things comes your way stay calm and accept it as it is. Try to make the most of the situation you have in hand.

7. Do not live for other’s happiness

How many lives do you have? Only one, isn’t it? So, live for your happiness not for others.

It’s not that you should not care about others but while you live to match the social standards you may be forgetting about your own smile. Follow your heart, it will always guide you right.

8. No one is perfect, so stop chasing perfection

You want to be perfect, but what is it? Perfection has a different definition to every other person.

While trying to be perfect you will be wasting your energy and time. Rather put that energy into something creative, it will bring you immense happiness.

9. Do not forget yourself while making others happy

Do not put yourself at last. When you are not happy you cannot bring smile in faces of others.

You may feel selfish when you are thinking about yourself, but that is not bad. Spoiling yourself sometimes is necessary as it will boost up your energy and make you happy.

10. Do not stop pursuing your dream

There is no time prefect enough to chase your dreams. If you have any dreams pursue them. If you do something with all your hart, things will come together.

It will make you happy and let you forget many things that have taken away your smile. Pursue your dreams today, there is no tomorrow and yesterday is gone.

11. Do not think that you are happy when others are happy

How can you be happy when someone else is happy? Every person is unique and so is their taste. Thus, focus on what makes you happy and not others.

Explore things that makes you feel exotic and enjoy the feelings. You deserve to be happy.

12. Do not feel bad as you are alone

You came here alone and will go alone, so what’s the problem if you are alone here too? Instead of being in a miserable relationship why don’t you feel happy that you do not have to bear those abuses?

Before you look for any meaningful relation make one with yourself. So, when you are single give time to yourself and find out what you want. Things will change itself.

13. Do not work hard for future while forgetting about present

Your future will not give you happiness, your present will. It’s true that you cannot ignore your future but if you work hard for your future and forget about your present and then you will not get any happiness.

Rather focus on your present and what is happening now. Try to make the best from what is there now and you will surely feel happy.

If you are enjoying your morning coffee enjoy it first, do not think you have to rush to work soon!

14. Do not neglect small things in your life

It’s true that big things are important in your life, but they are not the only things that makes you happy. Your key to happiness are the small things that comes in your daily life.

Waking up with a bright smile at the face of your spouse can make your day or sharing an ice cream with a friend can also make you happy and lift up your spirit. Concentrate on such small happiness.

15. Do not focus on things that hurts

Many things will hurt you in your life, but you must let them go. Focusing on them again and again will steal your happiness and make you feel sad. Thus, be happy and forget about those people or things that hurts.

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