Has fatigue become your best friend? Always around and giving you company. Well that’s bad news for your life. Most people would suggest you to just get enough sleep. That’s not true either, there are many of us who feel tired even after getting a good 8 hours of sleep.

Are You Always Tired Even When You Get Enough Sleep? THIS Is Why!

Sometimes sleep is just not the answer. We are listing 5 major reasons that you still feel tired even after having a good old snooze fest.

1. Darling, are you depressed?

Stress levels are so high in our lives and with less time we don’t process our emotions that well. This leads to various health issues and they directly affect your sleep. Stress sometimes can be a direct source of depression. If you are stressed there is a strong possibility that you may not be getting sound sleep what we call as REM state.

This state is extremely essential for us considering that the brains renews, rebuilds and refreshes itself in that state.

Best way to deal with this is meditation before sleeping. Relax your mind, tell your anxieties to relax and meet you next day. Other option is indulging in something that relaxes you. It completely depends upon you. Listen to music, read a book or take a long bath, choose your own sin. Medication is also available in this regard but we would not recommend until absolutely necessary.

2. Get moving

Move that sluggish ass, come on! Daily exercise tunes your body and puts the natural rhythm in place. This corrects the sleeping pattern and gets you good quality sleep. Lack of it can be a cause of great concern as it not only detoriates your body it also makes your brain sluggish eventually affecting sleep.

3. Are you drinking enough? Water, we mean water

We are 70% water and maintaining that level is super essential to live a healthy life. Most of the drinks in our daily life contains salt, sugar and other preservatives. Instead of hydrating us they leave us dehydrated.

Dehydrated body faces a lot of issues. Cells don’t multiply well, neurons don’t respond correctly, minerals are not transported well enough, and it’s really bad.

This harms our sleep cycles too and chances you getting a good night sleep is very less when you are dehydrated.

4. Look what you eat

If you eat rich food before going to sleep, just forget about the sleep already. When you eat high cholesterol and high protein food and directly go to sleep, you are inviting trouble. What happens is your body has to go on full speed internally to digest those foods producing gas and acids. With all of that going inside it is really difficult to sleep.

Look at what you eat. A bad diet can be a cause of various health troubles and it surely affects your sleep too. Sugary, starchy and high carb foods should be avoided in large quantities.

A well balanced diet ensures that you spend energy well throughout the day and eventually your body is relaxed well enough to have a good night sleep. Your body has its own cycle and limitation and it is essential for you to understand that and get them in sync.

5. Medical issues

It is always possible that your tiredness has something to do with some underlying medical issues. Sleep trouble can be because of insomnia, hormonal imbalance, sleep apnea, sinus, vitamin deficiency and many more things.

It is always suggested to visit a professional medical professional if the problem persists. Sleep disorders can also be due to psychological issues and traumatic events. Visit a counsellor or psychologist for guidance and treatment.

Sleep is such an essential part of our lives. It is a chance for our mind and brain to take a break and rewire themselves. Taking care of your sleep should be on high priority.

Do your research and understand which of the following tips suits you the best and work towards a healthy relationship with your sleep.

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