Are you trying to figure out the purpose of your life?

There are many who earn decent for their living but are not happy. They define success and life purpose different from earning money.

For many purpose of life means happiness and positivity in life. For others it means the ability to contribute for something or someone you care about.

Here, the questions are given which you should ask yourself trying to figure out the purpose of your life.

1. As a child, what was your passion?

There must be something which made you emotional and happy when you were much younger than now. What was it? From painting, to writing, children are always actively encouraged to follow after their passions.

However as we grow old, we often lose the track of our passion with due course of time. Sometime it happens due to pressure of our society and family and the financial status also.

It’s time you consider your passion of childhood again. Are you still interested to pursue your childhood dreams? If you’re not interested, then why not?

If it’s something else you’re passionate about now then pursue that.

2. If you’re not working then how would you fulfil your hours?

Imagine that you don’t need to earn money or pursue a job also you’re not also allowed to stay at home. So how are you going to spend that time? Where will you go? What will you do? People like to relax only at evenings after a long day.

But unlimited free times generally encourage productivity. So just write down few ways in which you want to spend your time and try them out.

3. Think about what makes you forget about your surroundings?

It’s true that when you’re working on your passion and the purpose of your life, you will lose track of time.

It’s often seen that people don’t keep notice of hours and forget to eat or drink or sleep while working on something they love until they finish it. Think about the last time you felt like this?

4. Think about the topics and issues that you hold close to your heart?

What are the topics you find interest in? Think about the topics in news, internet and magazines that you love the most.

From environments to new recipes, there are many topics people are passionate about which they are unaware of.

Don’t be disheartened if you are confused. Take time to find out about what you’re passionate about and try to spend your free time doing that.

You will find it both enjoyable and productive. In this way you will definitely find the purpose of your life.

5. Think about the conversations you have with your best friends?

While you’re spending time with your best friends and loved ones, most of the times you like to talk about topics you’re actually passionate about, topics that you find intriguing and fun.

Think whether these are the subjects that you repeatedly bring up? Often this is the sign that indicates the purpose of your life.

As well as about the subjects, think about the suggestions and advices your friends come up with about it. This shows the area where you’re placed by your friends.

This is also an important source of information. This can say about something that you still haven’t realized.

6. Have you made your bucket list?

Create a list of what you want to do before you die.

Creating such a bucket list is a great way to know about the purpose of your life, as the list will simply follow the activities that you feel important and emotionally fulfilling for your life.

7. Could you fulfil your dream if you had one?

Most times people choose not to follow their dream due to risk of failure, family pressure, and financial risks.

Now it’s time to start thinking about your dreams and asking yourself about how you could have made it happen instead of repeating the risks to yourself.

Let go of the negative thoughts that had once hold you back from achieving your life purpose. Instead of that try to do something every week that can help you make your dreams come true.

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