If you ask me what I feel about relationships that work, I can only say one thing that I truly believe in:

“You don’t need to be perfect together, you just need to be happy together”.

While too many of us are in a rush to find someone, who’d match ALL our expectations, and be PERFECT for us, there are a few of us who are content with who they have, and they strive continuously to make their relations work. Such are the people who are mostly happy in a relationship!

Being content in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight! Yes, the initial days of any relation may seem to be rosy, but there are also those trying times, which prove to test your relationship with your partner. Is it rock solid? You decide!

Is there any secret formula to seeking happiness? Well, I don’t think so.

However, I have observed some common habits that the couples who share a happy relationship have in common. Let me tell you about them so that you can follow them in your personal lives too. Here it goes:

Habits that lead to a happy relationship!

1. They know how to appreciate and compliment

A simple compliment like ‘You look beautiful today‘, or an appreciation like ‘Thank you for always being there for me‘ can do wonders in a relationship.

Don’t you agree it makes you feel good when you hear it? Well, that’s one of the secrets of a happy couple; they never let go of a chance to give GENUINE compliments to each other.

2. They remember to give the kiss-of-love

I think kiss is the purest form of showing love, do you think so too? I feel, it is a form of physical as well as an emotional connection that you share with your partner.

A small gesture like kissing your partner a good morning and before you go off to sleep means such li’l effort, but it has so much impact!

Happy couples follow this habit religiously and make each other feel wanted with the kiss-of-love.

3. They don’t just CRY but LAUGH together more often

I know most people will tell you that when you can cry in front of someone, it truly means you are close to them and the bond is real. However, I feel, for a couple to stay strong, not just sadness, but even happiness should be shared.

We mostly share our happy moments with our friends or colleagues and leave the sad times to our partners who are ready to hold us at our weakest. But happy couples don’t forget to laugh with each other too! Trust me, it’s important to laugh together.

4. They concentrate on the positives and not the negatives

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind”. I understand no one is perfect, everyone has one or the other flaws in them. However, one should concentrate on the good things.

I know it is very difficult to forgive repeated mistakes, or hurtful things that your partner might say, but remember the good things that made you fall in love with him/her? Don’t forget them.

Remind yourself that everybody commits mistakes. Accept your partner for who they are, and look at the positives, more than the bad. That’s exactly what happy couples do!

5. They don’t play mind games, they ask outright

Couples that are super-happy with each other don’t expect their partners to guess what goes on in their mind or don’t like beating around the bush. They ask for they want directly.

If something bothers or annoys them, they state it in a straightforward manner to their better halves.

6. They see making time for each as a priority

As time passes, the intimacy in your relationship does not really stay the way it was when you two had started off. Hold on guys, let me tell you that the happiest couples fight this dangerous problem like a boss!

Rest assured they make enough time for each other, in order to have heart-to-heart conversations every day, to have sex regularly, and to cuddle every now and then, cause trust me, physical connection is as important as mental connection for any relationship to grow and thrive.

7. They know that finance is a thing

As adults, we all are aware about how important money is, and I have seen so many couples who are separated because of finance-related issues. Happy couples however, discuss about their financial troubles or state.

They know there can be ups and downs when it comes to money. You should talk about it openly and not hide or avoid discussing about finance as though it were some taboo!

8. For them, benefit of doubt is the mantra

You should not forget that your partner and you are on the same team and not enemies. You may have struggles, but you should remember that you have to be there for each other.

Couples who are happy believe in giving each other the benefit of doubt, and that is one of their biggest secrets!

9. They accept disagreements happen

Couples who really want to be with each other, fight it out no matter what. Everyone has disagreements owing to a difference in opinion and views, but it is always a healthy habit to work it out and not just give up.

Disagreements and fights also build the communication bond between you two, you know?

10. They know li’l PDA is fine

Public Display of Affection or the usual ‘PDA’ can be annoying I know, but hey it is never bad to show love and affection towards the person who means the world to you.

Yes, people may hate it, but a li’l PDA like holding hands, a peck on the cheeks, sleeping on your partner’s shoulders are some of the things that are acceptable and how! That’s what happy couples do too, didn’t you know?


Now that you are aware of the habits that keep a couple super-happy, don’t wait to start inculcating them in your own life.

It will change your love life for sure. Don’t just expect things to fall in place by themselves, work towards making your love episode a SUPER-HIT! Be the lover you always wanted for yourself. Good luck!

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